Hi, welcome to the joy of painting trees

After many years, I decided to take another shot at digital painting. Often the most striking inspirations and impressions on my creativity are visuals, particulary involving colorful lighting and stark shadows. To the point that I don’t just want to describe the world of my imagination but to actually show it. Since I love colors but don’t really like handling paint, digital painting seems like just the medium for me.

Working with a graphics tablet again for the first time in ages was a bit weird at first, but I quickly got back on that horse. Though my new tab certainly seems much better than the cheap one I had back then. Since I don’t really know anything of what I am doing, I looked up some guides for the very basics, and my first attempt in GIMP was this.

Not Half Bad Tower

I think it’s not half bad. It’s not great, but not bad. Certainly looks like a good start.

Today I also tried comparing Krita to GIMP, and it immediately blew my mind away. I got all giddy just from drawing squiggly lines with the various preset brushes.

This pressure sensitivity is just amazing. The sharpness of the lines also surprised me, and somehow they don’t just look like but also feel like ink when drawing them. I’m really looking forward to practicing with this over my winter break.

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