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I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about Sword & Sorcery in recent months, and plenty of people mentioning an interest in writing new Sword & Sorcery stories. There are a few places on the internet where I talk a lot about fantasy, but the regular fantasy mainstream does not seem to be very interested in any talk about Sword & Sorcery. (At least not yet.) I often feel that most people don’t quite get what I am trying to tell them about.

Looking around for specifically targeted Sword & Sorcery forums actually did not turn up anything. There’s a Robert Howard forum, but that’s really just one smart part of the greater world of Sword & Sorcery that lies long in the past. The only thing specifically about Sword & Sorcery that I know is a group on Goodreads, but I don’t consider this ideal either. Much discussion about Sword & Sorcery seems to be taking part in the comment sections of various fantasy related sites, but that really isn’t a way to maintain longer discussions or reach a greater circle of people.

So, somewhat on a whim, I set up a new forum today aimed at all of Sword & Sorcery as a whole, with a specific section for writing. Not sure if this will attract much attention, but I already had all the resources and setting it up can be done in just an hour or two, so I decided to just give it a shot. We will see how this goes.

Undreamed Ages – The Tales of High Adventure

2 thoughts on “Undreamed Ages – A New Sword & Sorcery Forum”

    1. Not much there yet. Don’t really know how to do outreach yet. Posting about it in other forums seems kind of inappropriate.

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